Friday, July 23, 2010


A few years ago(like 2006 I think) I had ordered some stuff from Crimethinc and they sent me some folk rock cd, I know I hated it because I generally hate folky music. However, it was a 3 way split with 2 dudes and the last one being Des_Ark. It was their Day of Prole ep and it was weird. Kind of chaotic with acoustic parts then a full band. I listened to it every now and then for a few months then finally found another ep on soulseek, Loose Lips Sink Ships. That contained some of the same songs and was pretty much the same style, with some softer songs. Well in 2007 Aimée Argote lost her band and recorded solo songs and put out a split with Ben Davis(Sleepytime Trio and Milemarker). That split had 12 songs, 5 of Ben's and the Jetts as his backing band and 5 of Des_Ark. The last 2 being collaboration's and they ruled. Those songs made me fall in love with Des_Ark finally and were on constant rotation. Now, I generally listen to Des_Ark when i'm in a shitty mood or alone and last summer every song was my life's soundtrack.

Her music is I guess what you could call depressing, but maybe in a good way, I don't know. I need to stop typing nonsense. But, if you like songs about failing relationships, being an alcoholic, etc then this is for you. Since the split with Ben Davis, Des_Ark has released 2 live solo radio show eps and is in the process of a 3rd one and I think a full length with a full band again possibly.

Some of the stuff is OOP and you can't buy it, but some you can and you should because it's great to own and Lovitt Records rules.

So here is almost everything Des_Ark has released(I can't find their split with Bellafea for the life of me)

Which contains :

Day of Prole EP
Loose Lips Sink Ships
Battle of The Beards (Ben Davis split, just the Des Ark songs though, and check this out first, it's fantastic)
Live on WXDU 88.7 : Volume 1 & 2

This link here is to a new song that will be on Live on WXDU 88.7 : Volume 3 and it's one of my favorite songs she's ever done.

So, sorry this was kind of a shitty post, but i'm not in the mood to write anything useful or entertaining (not like I ever am) so enjoy, and click on her myspace and go to her blog post for a video of another new song that rules.

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